The christalline's world of Bjork/Gondry

One of my favourite artistic couple, singer Bjork and film director Michel Gondry, worked together again. Here the music video of new Bjork's single: Crystalline.
This song announces forthcoming release of her next studio album "Biophilia", on September 26th. For this album, the artist followed her need to find where nature and music meet. This personal research took her into deep reading of a lot of books.
Music and nature probably meet in the universe, so in this new video yellow meteorites hit a lunar planet, ice crystals grow and a perfect animation of wave signals create a special harmony. Bjork sings, moves and dances inside a crystal ball. She sings: "Underneath our feet crystals grow like plants (listen how they grow)". Here is how she demands the light.

She also created a Christalline series, including remixes by Matthew Herbert and Omar Souleyman (check the video below).


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