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A polaroid love affair.

This morning I woke up with a strange feeling of nostalgia! I wonder why.
I am not surprised that my random web search took me to discover some beautiful polaroids...the little girl holding a heart shape balloon is my favourite.
These polaroids were part of a competition launched last year by Blur Magazine, The best polaroid photo, in connection with The Impossible Project The selection of polaroids pictures are in display here
In the background of these dreamy images, there is a song playing over and over in my little portable stereo. The play button is broken, so I have to stick a pen inside every time I want to play the song. It takes only few seconds to reach the track number 13, Al Green, "I wish you were here". What can I say? This is the most romantic song ever!!!
from I Wish You Were Here lyrics
Lookin' out my window, sun shinin' bright
Birds singin', tryin' to make things right
I've …