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"Money Talks". César Baracca in Rome

Laboratorio in gallery: “Memoires - Archive / Works of Sala 1” presents "Money Talks" by César Baracca. An archive preserves the past, its traces and memories lie within a repository of human knowledge it is also a dynamic place for critical engagement and creative invention. It also offers the ability to create new ideas and different interpretations in the multifaceted world of art. This is what gallery Sala 1 intends to propose through this new project “Laboratorio: Memoires - Archive / Works of Sala 1”: a space in which to reflect and create alternative visions, researched through photographs, documents and texts. Under the supervision of Mary Angela Schroth (Director of Sala 1), an international team of young historians investigates, re-organizes, photographs and analyses the collection of the gallery, then re-interprets new ways of understanding some of the selected works. The contemporary artists participating in the Laboratorio are: Edith Schloss, artist a…