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Othello De'Souza-Hartley solo show in Rome

Busy time for London based artist Othello De'Souza-Hartley! His latest solo show closed two weeks ago in London and now a solo show is opening in Rome during Rome Art Week. On Tuesday 23rd October Own Narrative a series of polaroids will be on show inside the changing rooms of Campo XXV Aprile (football pitch) in Pietralata, Rome.
Campo Sportivo XXV Aprile
dal 23 al 27 ottobre 2018
Own Narrative
Mostra di Othello De’Souza-Hartley
a cura di Alessandra Migani
Opening: martedì 23 ottobre ore 18.30

L’Arte di Othello De’Souza-Hartley in mostra a Pietralata per la Rome Art Week

Il Campo Sportivo XXV Aprile torna ad aprire le porte all’arte e alla condivisione con una mostra del fotografo, artista visivo e performer londinese, che sarà presente per l’inaugurazione.
Martedì 23 ottobre, alle 18.30, nell’ambito della Rome Art Week, inaugura, presso il Campo Sportivo XXV Aprile a Pietralata, la mostra personale dal titolo Own Narrative del fotografo inglese Othello De’Souza-Hartley, curata da Alessand…


If you are in Florence or planning a short trip, there is an exhibition definitely worth a visit: Schengen with artists Délio Jasse, Anna Raimondo, Jebila Okongwu. Only few days left as the three-part exhibition, which opened to the public on July 12th, will close this coming Friday at Villa Romana. "Schengen examines the limitations of socio-cultural and political borders through a totemic memorialization of the migration of bodies and goods. Drawing upon transnational identity and the blue water of the Mediterranean as fluid conceptions of legality and humanity the works problematize the values instilled by international agreements whose fallen fruits too often die on the vine. The destabilizing of the environmental impact of fading traditions, the evasion of prescribed images of nationalistic belonging and the escalation of global crisis set the foundation for ruptured canons and displaced cultural legibility".

When I first read the press preview, I realised that the artist…

Africa no limits

La Galerie Africaine - a nomadic gallery run by the talented gallerist Aude Minart - moves again to Dakar to be part of Dakar Off during Dak'Art Biennale 2018 with a show named "Africa no limits". Minart is going to Dakar in the next few days to set up the exhibition which includes a selection of artists working with drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. For those in Dakar I definitely suggest to attend the cocktail on May 3rd at 6pm and the vernissage on May 6th at 6pm. I will give you more details next week together with a quick interview with Ms Minart. Stay tuned! For press release please ask: