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Postcards from Morocco by Bianca Tschaikner

I have been recently thinking to visit Morocco. It would be my first step in Africa, a continent is in my heart already. By total coincidence (is it actually coincidence?), I came across the work of this amazing illustrator, Bianca Tschaikner. She is originally from Austria but now lives in Tangier, Morocco. She created a series of 12 illustrated postcards, inspired by her experiences in the African country. As she wrote, 'the postcards tell stories about the life on the other side of the world, full of mint leaves and silver coffee pots, farewells at the strait of Gibraltar, stray cats, petit princes in the desert and false princes on the street, veiled faces and thieves in the night train, lots of embroidered oriental slippers, dangerous food and illiterates pretending to read the newspaper'. She uses only the colours black, white and red. Most of the backgrounds are black and some words - in different languages - are often included in her beautiful drawings. Cats and cafes'…