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The Divine Comedy by Contemporary African Artists

An incredible exhibition inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy just opened at the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt Am Main (Germany).
Curator Simon Njami in cooperation with the MMK is presenting a great selection of Contemporary African Artists working on different media. The works on show are displayed on three different level of the Museum revisiting Hell, Purgatory and Heaven.
I am more than pleased to share this exhibition considering my eternal love to Dante's Divine Comedy and interest and passion for Contemporary African Art.
"Taking their own widely differing cultural and religious backgrounds as a point of departure, the artists are examining individual thematic sequences of the Divine Comedy".
Some of the works are especially commissioned for the exhibition.

“Why Dante? Because the Divine Comedy is first and foremost a human comedy. And I am convinced that nothing human can be alien to another human being” said Curator Simon Njami.

One of the most …