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Dancing horses at Grand Central Terminal in New York

Nick Cave HEARD·NY  March 25-31, 2013
Grand Central Terminal
Vanderbilt Hall
@11am and 2pm every day

If you are in New York these days I recommend to pay a visit to Grand Central Terminal, but you don't need to take a train, you just wonder around the Vanderbilt Hall, feel the people around you and wait for thirty horses to arrive.
Beautiful and colourful life-size horses will make their appearance twice a day. Passers-by will assist to a well arranged choreography. 
Unless they are informed in advance, the travellers will be surely surprised and pleased.
Those creatures are the new public art project by Chicago-based artist Nick Cave.
Cave opens to people his "Soundsuits", wearable sculptures. They will be in display when they are not being worn. At a closer look, the spectator will recognise patterns from different countries from India to Morocco to Tibet. Each horse will embrace a whole racial and cultural world.
Horses will be worn by Ailey School students and their movement…

This Pale morning

It is a Pale morning indeed. How to discover a new song and video and not being able to stop playing it! Doing my time by London based duo, Pale. Video Director: Joe Ridout.

I like this rough images, recalling old times with modern instruments and sounds. What is happening behind those windows and doors? Time for intimacy and creativity. Shadows and late nights...when inspiration comes.
The sky is white behind the window, we are waiting for Spring to come. The sound is vibrating from the inside and expands. How sweet and dangerous.