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Let's spread smiles and some positive energy around!

It is with a great pleasure that I decided to join an amazing initiative: 14 dicembre #leaveamessage.
Last year, thanks to a friend's suggestion, I came across the blog ' machedavvero?'. I immediately started to follow it. I found out that I had many things in common with the blog' writer. She is often very inspiring.  I love the #leaveamessage idea, so I take now some time to share it here. Here how to participate.
1. Take any blank slip of paper or card, or just download the official #leaveamessage cards below.

2.Write a nice sentence on it, something you would like to read, for example. It can be an invitation to look at the bright side of life, a saying, a quote, even a positive forecast.
3. At this point, leave the message in places where it can be easily found ad read: a bus’ seat, the underground, a book in the library, a car’s screen wipes, a door, the mailbox, the gym locker, etc.
4. How would you know if your message had been found and read? Well, perhaps you’ll nev…