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Zak Ové @ Volta, New YOrk!

Last week I received an email by London-based artist Zak Ové announcing his New York debut show at Volta, the successful art fair taking place these days at 7W 34th Street, directly across the Empire State Building. I was very pleased to hear it!! Ové attained a BA in Film as Fine Art at St Martins School of Art in London, and from there pursued a career in both film and photography. He is an extraordinary Film Director, Photographer and Sculptor.
I 'met' Zak's work many years ago while working at the tv series Funky Black Shorts for the Community Channel in London. His short film ‘I Have a Dream’ (2002) caught my attention immediately. It is absolutely brilliant! The film was the winner of the best short film award as well as Best Director and Best Up and Coming Talent at the Black Film Awards in the UK, and was screened at various film festivals around the world. ‘I Have a Dream’ was shot in New York where Zak lived for many years. It must be now emotional for the artist to…

Branching Out For a Green Economy. ShroomStudio' latest work

Branching Out For a Green Economy from shroomstudio on Vimeo. This short animated film by The Bespoke Film Company, narrated by Sir David Attenborough highlights the importance of the value of living forests in mitigating climate change, the ecosystem services they provide and the future potential of their successful management for the development of a global sustainable green economy. Commissioned by UNEP, as part of the Year of the Forest 2011 campaign, the film opened the UN conference in Nairobi attended by World environment ministers from over 150 countries. Directed by Natasha Serlin of The Bespoke Film Company, Designed and animated at ShroomStudio. The artwork from the film has been prepared as a style guide to be used by U.N.E.P for the continuing Year of the Forest 2011 posters, book covers, flyer and pamphlets.