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Venice Biennale: Artists in the space

These days some of my friends are visiting Viva Arte Viva, the 57th Art Biennale in Venice, that it closes in two days. As they ask for suggestions on what must to be seen, I found my mind going back to last May when I visited the Biennale during the preview days. My trip to Venice, every two years, to attend the opening days at the Art Biennale became a kind of a ritual! It's a real journey - by train, plane or bus - taken by a group of professionals (Artists, Curators, Art Critics and a Gallerist) coming from different cities such as London, Rome, Athens and Paris, sharing the same flat - rented by a lovely old lady from Venice. Ready to be surrounded by notes, catalogues, ferries, planning and, above all, a very deep immersion into the Arts from all over the world! I found this Biennale complex as its meaning "of consisting of many different and connected parts". In fact, the Curator Christine Macel offers a journey through nine chapters representing each one a Trans-Pavi…