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Barbican Curve, London.
Walking through the dark passage along the gallery, the visitors and the space are illuminated by oscillating pendulum-like elements and guided by the sound.

With their last work, Momentum, United Visual Artists (UVA) are offering a fantastic immersive experience: a way to forget about time and space. Elements like dark and light, sound and movement are combined together to communicate at a different level of perception. The visitor is taking his own time to walk along the 'curve' becoming immediately an essential part of the work.

United Visual Artists (UVA) is a London based art practice that combines a wide range of disciplines including sculpture, installation, live performance, and architecture. The studio was founded in 2003 by Matthew Clark, Chris Bird and Ash Nehru.

United Visual Artists have been commissioned by Artwise Curators, The Creators Project, La Gaite Lyrique, National Maritime Museum, Opera North, Royal Academy of Arts, Victoria &a…



It's PLAYTIME for Isaac Julien

Isaac Julien's PLAYTIME,  recently opened at Victoria Miro gallery in London (24 January - 1 March 2014). The exhibition is on show in Mayfair and Wharf Road and includes the world premiere of a seven-screen installation, the two-screen documentary, KAPITAL and a series of photographic works. The artist research is addressing more and more to the effects of capital on people's life. PLAYTIME offers an insight of people dealing with the financial crisis, considering in particular the art world. As the gallery press release states: "Playtime is set across three cities defined by their role in relation to capital: London, a city transformed by the deregulation of the banks; Reykjavik, where the 2008 global financial crisis began; and Dubai, one of the Middle East's burgeoning financial markets. Part documentary and part fiction, the work follows six main protagonists - the Artist, the Hedge Fund Manager, the Auctioneer, the House Worker, the Art Dealer, and the Reporte…

AFRONAUTS of an impossible dream

"We're going to Mars! With a spicegirl, two cats and a missionary". We are in Zambia, newly independent in 1964.
Edward Makuka Nkoloso, a school teacher, unveils his most secret ambition through a newspaper's article: he wants to take Zambia to conquer the space at the same strength of US and Soviet Union. Unfortunately Nkoloso' space program failed to receive financial aid and never "blasted-off"!! 50 years later, Spanish photographer Cristina De Middel, while searching for "impossible stories" on the net to find a good idea for a new project, came across this news.    Afronauts, De Middel's amazing photo project and self published book, was born after this impossible dream. I caught images of this project flipping the pages of RearViewMirror magazine. The project was pointed to me by an artist friend who saw it at Fotografia Europea.
Afronauts has been exhibited worldwide in New York, London, Lagos, Rome amongst other cities. It was love at th…