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Let kids play!

Kelis ft. Andre 3000 "Millionaire" music video directed by Giuseppe Capotondi

the sonic youth of pax paloscia

The world of Pax Paloscia is extremely intense, coloured, direct, young.

About Pax...(from her website) She works as a freelance visual artist for advertising companies such as: McCann Erickson, Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi, J.W.Thompson, Publicis, Ogilvy. Clients: IBM, Mazda, Omnitel, Findus, Fnac, Levi's and for major publishing companies(Mondadori, Feltrinelli, Este, Cartacanta). She contribute monthly to italian and french magazines RollingStone, Urban, Enville, Ventiquattro. She freelanced for Emi Music Italia and for artistic management companies producing : booklets, covers and photoshoots for international artists. Her work has been exhibited by several galleries in Italy, France, Germany. Two years ago, with the curator Laura Lombardi she start to build an international visual art network focused on the street art scene, endorsed by the City Council of Rome, called Studio14. The studio organised several art shows exhibiting the works of artists coming from Italy, US, F…

Seaside by Pax Paloscia

Sand in the sandwiches,
Sand in the tea,
Flat, wet sand running
Down to the sea.
Pools full of seaweed,
Shells and stones,
Damp bathing suits
And ice-cream cones.
Waves pouring in
To a sand-castle moat.
Mend the defenses!
Now we're afloat!
Water's for splashing,
Sand is for play.
A day by the sea
Is the best kind of day. by Shirley Hughes