Africa no limits

La Galerie Africaine - a nomadic gallery run by the talented gallerist Aude Minart - moves again to Dakar to be part of Dakar Off during Dak'Art Biennale 2018 with a show named "Africa no limits". Minart is going to Dakar in the next few days to set up the exhibition which includes a selection of artists working with drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. For those in Dakar I definitely suggest to attend the cocktail on May 3rd at 6pm and the vernissage on May 6th at 6pm. I will give you more details next week together with a quick interview with Ms Minart. Stay tuned! For press release please ask:

Venice Biennale: Artists in the space

These days some of my friends are visiting Viva Arte Viva, the 57th Art Biennale in Venice, that it closes in two days. As they ask for suggestions on what must to be seen, I found my mind going back to last May when I visited the Biennale during the preview days. My trip to Venice, every two years, to attend the opening days at the Art Biennale became a kind of a ritual! It's a real journey - by train, plane or bus - taken by a group of professionals (Artists, Curators, Art Critics and a Gallerist) coming from different cities such as London, Rome, Athens and Paris, sharing the same flat - rented by a lovely old lady from Venice. Ready to be surrounded by notes, catalogues, ferries, planning and, above all, a very deep immersion into the Arts from all over the world! I found this Biennale complex as its meaning "of consisting of many different and connected parts". In fact, the Curator Christine Macel offers a journey through nine chapters representing each one a Trans-Pavi…

Africa is not a country! Coffee time with Camilla Boemio

I first met Camilla Boemio back in 2013 at the Maldives Pavilion during the 55th Venice Biennale; she was Associate Curator. I had the privilege to get an insight into the exhibition and artists’ work. I was completely fascinated by the Pavilion from different perspectives: the concept, the quality of artwork, the venue, the exhibition set up and the team’s openness especially towards visitors. Ms Boemio walked with me through the venue and I had the chance to be introduced to some of the artists. In that occasion I developed a big respect to the professional but also friendly way she takes her job. It was with no surprise that I welcomed the news she was appointed Curator of the Nigerian Pavilion for this year Architecture Biennale in Venice, it seems to me just a quite obvious result of her professional career. This Pavilion, titled "Diminished Capacity", marks the very first presence of Nigeria at La Biennale di Venezia; Ms Boemio presented a site-specific exhibition by arc…

Is "Utopia for sale?"

Just some images to remember a strong exhibition "Utopia for sale" curated by Hou Hanru at Maxxi in Rome. Opening event on 14th of February 2014. The show is an homage to American artist Allan Sekula who died few months previous the show. Artists: Bernd & Hilla Becher, Noël Burch, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Cao Fei, Libero De Cunzo, Adelita Husni-Bey, Li Liao, Pier Luigi Nervi, Allan Sekula, Amie Siegel. 
Li Liao, "Spring Breeze", 2011 (left).Digital video. Courtesy the artist.
"Consumption", 2011 (right). Uniform. Courtesy Alan Lau Collection, Honk Kong
Cao Fei "Whose Utopia?", 2006. video (20mins) Courtesy the artist and Vitamin Creative Space, Beijing

"Money Talks". César Baracca in Rome

Laboratorio in gallery: “Memoires - Archive / Works of Sala 1” presents "Money Talks" by César Baracca. An archive preserves the past, its traces and memories lie within a repository of human knowledge it is also a dynamic place for critical engagement and creative invention. It also offers the ability to create new ideas and different interpretations in the multifaceted world of art. This is what gallery Sala 1 intends to propose through this new project “Laboratorio: Memoires - Archive / Works of Sala 1”: a space in which to reflect and create alternative visions, researched through photographs, documents and texts. Under the supervision of Mary Angela Schroth (Director of Sala 1), an international team of young historians investigates, re-organizes, photographs and analyses the collection of the gallery, then re-interprets new ways of understanding some of the selected works. The contemporary artists participating in the Laboratorio are: Edith Schloss, artist a…