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Luanda, Encyclopedic City

New entry amongst the national pavilions at the coming Venice Biennale is the Pavilion of the Republic of Angola.
Luanda, Encyclopedic City presents works of young artist Edson Chagas.
Curated by Paula Nascimento and Stefano Rabolli Pansera (Beyond Entropy Ltd)

As the press release states:
The Encyclopedic Palace has been given an impossible task: no building can contain a universal multiplicity of spaces, possibilities, and objects. When a building tends towards the encyclopedic, it becomes a city. The city includes multiple conditions in the coherence of form— even though this is an urban, conflict-ridden form. Edson Chagas focuses on the complexity of Angola’s capital, Luanda, which derives from the presence of unpredictable spaces and the coexistence of irreconcilable programs: city and country, infrastructure and habitations, garbage tips and public spaces. Luanda is an encyclopedic city. How can the knowledge of a city be organized through the taxonomy of its spaces? Central to Edso…

Joe Strummer's breakfast

This morning a good friend sent me this amazing picture.
A wonderful day always begins with a great breakfast!
Joe Strummer (in a pub in London, April 1978) is enjoying his cup of coffee or tea??

Rhizoma (Generation in Waiting) is opening in Venice

EDGE OF ARABIA Rhizoma (Generation in Waiting)
30 May–24 September 2013
Collateral Event of the 55th Venice Biennale
Magazzini del Sale
No. 262 Dorsoduro Fondamenta delle Zattere Venice
(ACTV stop: Line 1, Salute)
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–6pm
Admission free

Rhizome: A plant stem that grows horizontally under or along the ground and often sends out roots and shoots. New plants develop from the shoots. Ginger, iris, and violets have rhizomes. Also calledrootstock (Greekrhizma,mass of roots, fromrhizoun,to cause to take root, fromrhiza,root; seewrd-in Indo-European roots).

Curated by London-based curator Sara Raza and Saudi-based poet, artist and curator Ashraf Fayadh, Rhizoma (Generation in Waiting) refers to the newcoming artists in the Saudi Arabia art scene who are challenging the force of gravity with their projects.
Sara Raza explains: "Rhizoma is a curatorial project with infinite possibilities to form multiple endings and create new beginnings. The nature of Saudi…

Venice 55 - Mexican Pavilion

Multifaceted artist Ariel Guzik is representing Mexico at the coming 55th Venice Biennale. He will present a sound installation inside the Ex Chiesa di San Lorenzo that I am very curious to see + hear it.
Guzik's artistic production puts together art and science. His main investigation is to reproduce natural vibrations and resonance, indiscernible to the human ear, through the assemblage of unique machineries and electromagnetic devices.
The Art Biennale opens to the public on June 1st. This year sounds like a promising one. The Curator, Massimiliano Gioni (New Museum, Fondazione Trussardi) under the theme Palazzo Enciclopedico (The Encyclopedic Palace) refers to the utopian dream by Italo-American Marino Auriti, who was planning a museum that was meant to house all worldly knowledge.
Ariel Guzik: Cordiox June 1–November 24, 2013 Pre-opening: May 28, 17:30h

Mexican Fiesta (with DJ Tacostán): May 28, 22:30h Private tour and Bruxo mezcal tasting with the artist and curator: May 29–31, …