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Postcards from Morocco by Bianca Tschaikner

I have been recently thinking to visit Morocco. It would be my first step in Africa, a continent is in my heart already. By total coincidence (is it actually coincidence?), I came across the work of this amazing illustrator, Bianca Tschaikner. She is originally from Austria but now lives in Tangier, Morocco. She created a series of 12 illustrated postcards, inspired by her experiences in the African country. As she wrote, 'the postcards tell stories about the life on the other side of the world, full of mint leaves and silver coffee pots, farewells at the strait of Gibraltar, stray cats, petit princes in the desert and false princes on the street, veiled faces and thieves in the night train, lots of embroidered oriental slippers, dangerous food and illiterates pretending to read the newspaper'. She uses only the colours black, white and red. Most of the backgrounds are black and some words - in different languages - are often included in her beautiful drawings. Cats and cafes'…

The art of dreaming...with the baby!

Hiba Fog El Nakhal video directed by Pedros Temizian music produced by Zeid Hamdan The song is based on a traditional song from Aleppo. Performed by Hiba, here in the video with her actual husband and child.

Pieces of gold: Cesar Baracca's mosaics

This Saturday afternoon in Rome, finds my thoughts going to my dearest friend in London, Cesar Baracca. His amazing three-dimensional mosaics made by credit cards pieces, placed on a square - a wooden support 20x20cm - are a celebration of our fragmented era.
The long history of money goes from shells to plastic cards. Cesar amuses himself by cutting our credit cards into million pieces and re-arranging them onto a piece of square wood. The object/card lose is status to enter into a new world of combination of colours and shapes. This is the world of Cesar Baracca, where his pieces of art are a cry of delight for the spectator.
Born in Rosario, Argentina in 1959, Cesar Baracca studied Fine Arts at The National University in Rosario, where he later taught sculpture as an assistant professor during 1988 and 1989. He is one of the Co-Founders of the Argentine art groups La Vaca (1988) and RoZarte (1989), which achieved renown for being among the first groups emerging during the nascent N…

10 Gales. A shining space

10 Gales is a shining space under the East London railway arches by Bethnal Green train station. Developed over two levels, it includes a gallery space, coffee corner, vintage boutique, and hairdressing salon. 10+1, a space for performances, recently added to the already remarkable list.

On walking in, I felt immediately welcome. There is a special open and friendly atmosphere in 10 Gales. After a few minutes of conversation in the coffee corner, I challenged Ernesto (one of the owners, the other being J.J.) to make an espresso for an Italian woman. I have to admit that I was very pleased with my coffee. image taken from the blog eggnspoon 10 Gales is the place where a series of images, ideas, experiences, creativity and emotions have materialised into a beautiful project. It looks that Ernesto and JJ have applied their own winning formula for success: finding various ways to delight the visitor in a unique and creative environment. The gallery space opened about a year ago and in that ti…

A polaroid love affair.

This morning I woke up with a strange feeling of nostalgia! I wonder why.
I am not surprised that my random web search took me to discover some beautiful polaroids...the little girl holding a heart shape balloon is my favourite.
These polaroids were part of a competition launched last year by Blur Magazine, The best polaroid photo, in connection with The Impossible Project The selection of polaroids pictures are in display here
In the background of these dreamy images, there is a song playing over and over in my little portable stereo. The play button is broken, so I have to stick a pen inside every time I want to play the song. It takes only few seconds to reach the track number 13, Al Green, "I wish you were here". What can I say? This is the most romantic song ever!!!
from I Wish You Were Here lyrics
Lookin' out my window, sun shinin' bright
Birds singin', tryin' to make things right
I've …

Daydreaming weekend at Haunch of Venison

It has been a full on London night with lots of artwork and interesting people to talk to.
When I arrived it was a bit earlier to enter so I went with my friend Chiara to the nearby cafe' where, with big surprise and joy, I noticed Nick Cave sitting down on his own at the front door table. What to say, what to do?? I just smiled and went to sit further down. I have to confess I was really happy and excited about the meeting but no words to him came to my mouth. Everything would sound to silly to me. "Oh hello, nice meeting you, you are my favorite musician and songwriter ever!!!".
I felt lucky about the meeting but I didn't give myself the chance to talk to him.
So he left first, then it was our turn to leave to join other people to the opening show.
Once inside the wonderful space of Haunch of Venison and while looking at the artworks, I noticed a photograph by Polly Borland then I understood why I met Nick Cave in the cafe'... it was simply coming to the same …

Nouvelle Vague mon amour

I am so glad I didn't miss this exhibition at James Hyman Gallery. It ends tomorrow. An exhibition that celebrates, at the same time, the 50th anniversary of Jean Luc Godard's A bout the souffle (1960) and Raymond Cauchetier's 90th Birthday.
These photographs speak to my heart and my memories. Back in my university years, at La Sapienza in Rome, I remember spending numerous nights watching classic films. One of my course was on French Cinema in the 60s, the Nouvelle Vague mouvement with auteurs such as François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard and Agnès Varda amongst others. My days were fulfilled by B/W images of French stories. I could see them on my wall, on my desk, on my books, on my tv screen, on my long conversation with other students at the university Cafe' and definitely, in my dreams. Jean-Pierre Léaud/Antoine Doinel was my idol! Truffaut said once: "The film of tomorrow will…

Be gentle or do not touch!

A recent journey to Central London is still in my 'visual thoughts'.
My steps were intentionally guided to enjoy Ernesto Neto's site specific installation at the Hayward Gallery, The edges of the world.
In a gloomy summer day in London, the colourful fabrics, materials, scents, spices, softness, hardness and excitement in Neto's work allowed a sensuous feeling of warmth.

Photographs by Steve White

Only few steps away from the Hayward Gallery, in Trafalgar square, placed on the forth plinth, here appears the giant Nelson's ship in a bottle by Yinka Shonibare. I have been waiting to sail on this ship for long time. I stand still admiring the work. My mind goes to a quote by Nietzsche in the book I am reading, The Black Atlantic by Paul Gilroy: We children of the future, how could we be at home in this today? We feel disfavour for all ideals that might lead one to feel at home even in this fragile, broken time of transition; as for "realities", we do not believ…