10 Gales. A shining space

10 Gales is a shining space under the East London railway arches by Bethnal Green train station. Developed over two levels, it includes a gallery space, coffee corner, vintage boutique, and hairdressing salon. 10+1, a space for performances, recently added to the already remarkable list.

On walking in, I felt immediately welcome. There is a special open and friendly atmosphere in 10 Gales. After a few minutes of conversation in the coffee corner, I challenged Ernesto (one of the owners, the other being J.J.) to make an espresso for an Italian woman. I have to admit that I was very pleased with my coffee.
image taken from the blog eggnspoon
10 Gales is the place where a series of images, ideas, experiences, creativity and emotions have materialised into a beautiful project. It looks that Ernesto and JJ have applied their own winning formula for success: finding various ways to delight the visitor in a unique and creative environment.
The gallery space opened about a year ago and in that time has hosted a series of challenging exhibitions.
image by Rob Greig
One of my favourite exhibitions in their gallery space, Before Encore, is an ongoing project by artist John Lee Bird. Bird has made a series of large portraits of people representing their own creativity. The subjects are depicted wondering who is going to be the next one under the spotlight of success.
My wandering thoughts, shaped by the colourful and captivating space, are pulled back to the reality of Bethnal Green by the squeaky noise of the train running above my head. This is London, where one can bite into international creativity, where dream comes true.

Arch 10 Gales Gardens, Underneath the Railway arches, London E2 0EJ
Open Tue–Fri 13-20 Sat 12-19 Sun 12-18


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