The Willow, a sense of art.

The Willow Shoreditch is celebrating its first year this month!
Last week, during my first time in London as a tourist, I walked by the Willow on my way to my friend's flat. It is very surreal to think that, only four months ago, London was my hometown and now it is just a place to visit.
The Willow windows immediately attracted my attention. The special uniqueness of the shop emerged straight away and I decided I wanted to explore the shop as soon as I had some proper time to spend there. Strangely, the next day my friend Christine phoned me excitedly from this same beautiful café inviting me to come there to sip a cappuccino with her then. Her firm words were: 'You have to come here. This place is amazing, you will love it and it is perfect for your blog!!'

The next day, I entered the shop with Rosanna. It was time to explore The Willow and treat ourselves to a great breakfast.
The most beautiful flowers and bouquets, arranged in different-shaped glass vases said hello when entering. Seen from within, The Willow is an elegant combination of florist, interior design and food. Also beautiful prints by local photographers and graphic designers lean on the shelves next to objects creating a story. The ambience is fantastic!
The whole space radiates a sense of art! It was a real pleasure to be surrounded by it for the time I spent there.

These two pictures above are taken from the shop website.
The rest of the pictures by Alessandra Migani and Rosanna Palermo.



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