Let's spread smiles and some positive energy around!

It is with a great pleasure that I decided to join an amazing initiative: 14 dicembre #leaveamessage.

Last year, thanks to a friend's suggestion, I came across the blog '
machedavvero?'. I immediately started to follow it.
I found out that I had many things in common with the blog' writer. She is often very inspiring. 
I love the #leaveamessage idea, so I take now some time to share it here.
Here how to participate.

1. Take any blank slip of paper or card, or just download the official #leaveamessage cards below.

2. Write a nice sentence on it, something you would like to read, for example. It can be an invitation to look at the bright side of life, a saying, a quote, even a positive forecast.

3. At this point, leave the message in places where it can be easily found ad read: a bus’ seat, the underground, a book in the library, a car’s screen wipes, a door, the mailbox, the gym locker, etc.

4. How would you know if your message had been found and read? Well, perhaps you’ll never know. Or perhaps you will, if you Tweet, post on Instagram or write on Facebook where you hid it adding the hashtag #leaveamessage and the name of your city. For example, I could write “Fitness Gym, Ladies Changing Room, Locker 23. #leaveamessage #rome”.

The aim of the project? Just spreading smiles and some positive energy around! 
Here my message: 


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