Looking at the sky in Rome

I know it's extremely hot... I know you are planning a weekend at the beach... but please, please, please take some time off to pay a visit to the Brazilian Embassy in Rome (Piazza Navona). Artist Ernesto Neto is offering an exciting sensorial experience. The magnificent frescoes by baroque painter Pietro da Cortona (1596/7 - 1669), that are enhancing the vault of Galleria Cortona in Palazzo Pamphilj, are now closer than ever to the visitors. With his new installation, Olhando o céu (Looking at the sky), Neto is creating a pure dialogue between a contemporary artist, his audience and the past. Neto is offering the chance to lie down on a carrinhos (a wood structure with fabric and wheels), take a binoculars and start to admire Cortona's frescoes.

A feeling of astonishment are pursued by both artists. As a spectator you will be more involved in the action of 'reading' with your eyes the stories of Aeneas from closer. 
You will feel time stretching at your own will. Such a comfortable feeling that you will find difficult to leave. Enjoy it as much as you like!  

photos Alessandra Migani


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