Daydreaming weekend at Haunch of Venison

Polly Borland, Untitled 2010 Photographic print
Inspired by Take the Money and Run (feat Nick Cave)
It has been a full on London night with lots of artwork and interesting people to talk to.
When I arrived it was a bit earlier to enter so I went with my friend Chiara to the nearby cafe' where, with big surprise and joy, I noticed Nick Cave sitting down on his own at the front door table. What to say, what to do?? I just smiled and went to sit further down. I have to confess I was really happy and excited about the meeting but no words to him came to my mouth. Everything would sound to silly to me. "Oh hello, nice meeting you, you are my favorite musician and songwriter ever!!!".
I felt lucky about the meeting but I didn't give myself the chance to talk to him.
So he left first, then it was our turn to leave to join other people to the opening show.
Once inside the wonderful space of Haunch of Venison and while looking at the artworks, I noticed a photograph by Polly Borland then I understood why I met Nick Cave in the cafe'... it was simply coming to the same show. In fact, when I turned around, I saw him again with his wife. I also noticed Jethro Cave, one of his sons and I was completely captured by his energy. We looked each other - perhaps my look was a bit too intense - so he said "Hi". My "hi" followed and then a quick and nice chat until a young teenager too him away.
Crazy, sometimes we stopped each other to talk to people only because of these stupid walls we build between people as saying "Hi" would be too much. But then it is so magic when only after a gaze and an open heart we can simply smile to each other and exchange few words. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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