A Venetia's experience

Venetia is a lovely coffee shop situated on Chatsworth Rd, in Homerton/Clapton area.
It is a historical landmark in my Homerton years. A precious gemstone that my dearest friend Alison shared with me.
On entering, what immediately draws your attention is the welcoming and cosy atmosphere. You can just go there, sit for a couple of hours on your own or with a friend, and feel just comfortable as you feel at home.
Venetia is a place with his own energy. The magic recipe is a mixture of simplicity, attention to detail, splashes of bright colour and good food (try the almond croissant!); they also make a great cappuccino.
The background music adds to the ambience, and the staff are absolutely friendly (some of them became very good friends). The interior is pleasing: wood-paneled walls, antique mirrors and a lovely brick fireplace, all offset with a collection of eclectic retro pottery. In summer, the back garden also welcome more customers.
Last year, the café started to displaying work by local artists. Consisting of framed illustrations and prints playing with text and line, they all combine to complete Venetia’s unique recipe.
Perfect for locals, it's also worth a bus or bike ride to pay a visit and enjoy Venetia's experience.
Venetia’s Coffee shop: 55 Chatsworth Rd, London E5 0LH

Art works by James Brown - www.generalpattern.net


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